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With thoughtful, intelligent and often powerful lyrics; incredible musicianship and bewitching three-part harmonies, County Donegal’s The Henry Girls bring something different, even enchanting to the music scene.

Their singing is influenced by the vocal harmonies of singing siblings from the 1930s and 40s such as The Andrews Sisters and The Boswell Sisters. Playing an impressive line-up of instruments - harp, fiddle, ukulele, accordion and piano, the sisters have mastered the balance of being contemporary without falling short in old-folk, rootsy charm.

‘Excellent songwriting and some of the most gorgeous lead and harmony vocals you could wish to hear.’ American Roots UK

‘The writing is first rate, as is the instrumentation, and those harmonies’ Music News Nashville

‘A force in Folk and Americana music’ The Alternate Root

‘A stunning performance’ The Irish Independent

starts @ 8pm, over by 10pm (approx.) – Two halves of 45-50 minutes each with an interval.

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