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  • Date: Saturday 28 January 2023
  • Time: 08:00 pm
  • Cost: £12.00

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String Ninjas is the instrumental duo of fingerstyle guitarist Gavin Ferris and electric violinist Mick Conlon. There’s only two in the band but their sound, from 90s dance music to classic rock, pop to jazz and bluegrass to trip-hop, is as big as their personalities. Gavin takes care of the rhythm, bass and harmony in his virtuosic and percussive guitar style, while Mick handles the bulk of the melody lines thanks to his classical training and desire to sound like Hendrix on Violin!

Their unique sound, characterised by heavy bass-lines, complex rhythms, technical solos and advanced performance techniques, coupled with their energetic live performances and warm, engaging chat makes the ninjas stand out.

Playing gigs such as Sunflowerfest, Stendhal, Ards International Guitar Festival, Derry Jazz Festival and Belfast Guitar Festival, they have garnered a lot of positive attention with their distinctive arrangements of modern-day classics.

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  • Saturday 28 January 2023 08:00 pm Studio Theatre Onsale Book now

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