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Arts Information

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ISLAND Arts Centre Team


Arts Service Management & Strategic Development

Siobhan McCormick

Arts Service Manager

Arts Administration Co-Ordination

Barry Turkington

Arts Administration Coordinator

Paul Fay

Arts Administration Assistant

Arts Programming

Christina Hurson

Arts Programme Co-ordinator

Naomi Dowling

Temporary Arts Programme Assistant

Community Arts Co-ordination

Karen Smyth

Temporary Community Arts Officer

Lynda McCord

Assistant Community Arts Officer

Lucie Corcoran

Temporary Community Arts and Events Assistant

Arts & Events Technical Co-ordination

Cathal Magee

Arts & Events Technical Officer

Tim Dougherty

Arts & Events Technician

Richie Lappin

Arts & Events Technician

Arts Marketing & Arts Education Co-ordination

Susannah McKenna

Arts Information & Education Officer

Susan Taggart

Temporary Arts Information & Education Officer

Becky Stewart

Assistant Arts Information and Education Officer