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Preview: Sat 4 Feb 2023, 2 - 4pm

Runs until: Wed 1 Mar 2023

We are pleased to invite you to the preview of ArtEast’s exhibition ‘East to West- Magic Brush 2023’ at ISLAND Arts Centre accompanied by live music, dancing and refreshments.

About the exhibition:

ArtEast, founded in 2015, is a group of Chinese women artists. They meet and practise regularly, aiming to foster excellence in their artworks, and to promote awareness recognition and appreciation of Chinese culture in Northern Ireland.

ArtEast Artists

Jean Jing

Jean is a self-taught painter with a passion for art. She used to work in a scientific field. Since retiring she devotes her time to Chinese ink painting and traditional watercolour. Currently she is a member of several art clubs and societies including Ulster Watercolour Society, Ulster Society of Women Artists and Qing Yun Art Academy in Shanghai. Jean won the Desmond O’Kane Award in the Ulster Watercolour Society annual exhibition in 2022.

Lili Li

Lili was born and educated in an academic environment and was introduced to Chinese ink painting and calligraphy at an early age. She worked mostly in financial and business sectors, and has been involved heavily in voluntary work. The arts have always been her passion. She is inspired by both Chinese and Western schools of artists and uses both traditional and modern methods of painting, including ink, washes and brush, to capture movement and life.

Wenli Zhang

With her journalist background from China originally, she has been working in various professional roles from private to public sectors in Norther Ireland. Her art works include traditional ink and wash freehand style and meticulous style. Her birds and flowers represent a symbol of good luck and blessing