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Sun in our Eyes' high contrast pencil drawing by @abbyconroy_art and features 3 teenage girls smiling at a camera with reeds and rushes in the background

Welcome to ISLAND Arts' Visual Artist of the Week & 'Quaranteen,' Abby Conroy. Abby is a 17 year old a level student who works mainly in graphite pencil and watercolour. Her art predominantly focuses on her personal life in portrait studies. Abby is also a participant of ISLAND Arts’ Quaranteen Youth Arts Project.

Watch and enjoy, this promising young local artist discuss her work and lockdown experience. You can learn more about and follow Abby @abbyconroy_art

What is Quaranteen?

Around the world, many young people are experiencing feelings of isolation, anxiety, and fear. They’re also sharing a common medium to express those emotions: art.

We believe young people's imaginations are unparalleled which is why ISLAND Arts launched 'Quaranteen.' This youth arts project is for young people aged 13-19. It aims to document the views and opinions of local teenagers during the COVID19 pandemic, as well as sharing their talents with everything from music, comedy, dance and art as positive responses to the trials of living in lockdown.

Interested in becoming a part of this historic youth arts project?  Email Susannah McKenna at ot send us a direct message via ISLAND Arts' social media channels below.


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