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Box frame containing a white circle ceramic tile with a 3d figurine in black in a crouched position

Sandra graduated with a First-class honours degree at the University of Ulster before undertaking a Masters at the Royal College of Art, London in Ceramics and Glass.  Now based at her home studio in Lisburn, Sandra creates commissioned portraits in watercolour; ceramic sculptures for exhibitions; writes about creativity, and travels across the country teaching ceramics and painting.

This video of Sandra's work features unique porcelain figures which are inspired by Guatemalan ‘worry dolls’ - Muñeca quitapena – inspired by a Mayan princess named Ixmucane. Legend tells that the princess received a special gift from the sun god to be able to solve any problem a person could worry about. Worry dolls are given to sad and concerned children so that they can tell them their fears and worries, the dolls are then put under their pillow as they sleep and in the morning all worries are said to have been taken away by the doll.

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