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Fused glass draped and folded to replicate the effect of throwing pebbles into the sea, the moment the stone hits the water captured here in glass. Colours are various blue tones

Sarah Walsh is a glass artist living and working in Newry, using fused and recycled glass to create art pieces and gifts.

Sarah completed a BA in Fine & Applied Art at the University of Ulster in 2008, specialising in Performance and Installation but began working with glass in 2012 when her dad, Martin purchased a glass kiln. Having worked in the glass trade for years supplying machinery and tools to glass companies, Martin became interested in what his clients were doing with fused glass. Inspired, he and Sarah set about learning how to use the kiln and seeing what they could create themselves. While Martin has since moved on to painting, Sarah has continued to work with glass, learning new techniques, experimenting and developing her own style.

Living in Newry, many of Sarah's glass pieces are inspired by the surrounding scenery, the Mourne mountains and the hand built stone walls, fields full of sheep, the forests and the coastline. The colours and textures of the landscape run through much of her work and she is also influenced by local culture, creating Narnia and Titanic themed pieces. Sarah continues to learn and develop her skill, each piece an experiment into how colours will react in the kiln, what shapes she can achieve, what textures and effects she can create. "I am still excited every time I open the kiln, never quite knowing what I'll get and continue to enjoy working with such a versatile medium". We're sure you'll enjoy this video of the artist's work.