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Naomi Litvack is an artist originally from Belfast. Having completed studied at University of Ulster and Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Munich, Naomie then went on to complete an MA at the Manchester School of Art.

Naomi's work has won her a range of notable awards including the Leonard James Little Award in 2014 and both the Manchester School of Art Graduate Award in 2014 and Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Award in 2014. Naomi describes her work as "primarily based around the natural world - natural forms and the lines they make, the colours and tones within them, their texture, the myths surrounding landscape; they all hold a special place in our visual language. They serve as a reference for colours we recognise, forms we recognise and the natural world we mostly learn about through television, the internet and from photographs. I play upon this idea of imagined landscape, exaggerating how these places we have never seen are seen in our mind's eye - a collage constructed from second hand information."