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Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

June 14, 2024

​Exhibition Runs: 8 June - 6 July

Alacoque Davey ‘As I see It’

“Both making and drawing have always been central to my practice and over time this has developed into a strong sense of the importance of one to the other. I make line drawings to contain the space within that line and I make objects with surfaces for drawing and marking. I am currently preoccupied by the universal importance and significance of the circle, to all people, through all time. It is our most enduring symbol with profound meaning. It is everywhere, it is the perfect shape.”

Angela Burns ‘Fashion Victims’

This exhibition’s theme centres around the need to raise awareness of critical, ethical issues related to the global fashion system. The works take the form of fashion illustrations, including three-dimensional paper illustrations, and textile illustrations, some of which include deconstructed recycled and discarded garments. The collection aims to draw attention to problems caused by the fashion industry such as exploitation of the earth’s resources, environmental degradation, overconsumption, poor labour practices and exploitation of people.