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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update:

Please see the news page for our full Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update. Following advice ISLAND Arts Centre is temporarily pausing venue-based activities until further notice - we will continue to monitor the evolving situation to determine when we will re-open. We will update this message, via the News page of our website, and our social media channels.  Read more

Press Pause with ISLAND Arts’ Ezine

Press Pause with ISLAND Arts’ Ezine

November 6, 2020

We love this time of year but understand it can also be a little stressful at times too. Especially in this time of COVID.

So this week’s eZine is all about setting the pause button. Take a few restful moments to listen to ISLAND Arts’ ‘Poem of the Day’, take time to stop and stare at this week’s ISLAND Arts’ Virtual Gallery or treat yourself to some ‘Me Time’ with a Free Arts Therapy session. Click this link to discover how you can press pause.