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‘Tribes and Tribulations’ by Helen Merrigan Colfer

‘Tribes and Tribulations’ by Helen Merrigan Colfer

March 10, 2022

‘Tribes and Tribulations’ by Helen Merrigan Colfer

Curated by Noelle McAlinden

Continues to 21 May 2022

Tribes and Tribulations is a solo exhibition by artist Helen Merrigan Colfer. The internationally renowned artist works from her studio in Wexford.

This collection of mainly resin and bronze figurative sculptures is complemented by Helen’s audio-visual work, including her most recent COVID-19 diaries, a series of paintings and illustrations created during lockdown. The centre piece ‘Tribe’ stands boldly connected yet individually strong. Each sculpture tells its own story.

Reflecting on the title of her exhibition, Helen explores the various personas we acquire and how we are shaped by our environment and the people or ‘tribes’ we associate with, “Our place of origin or the people we are surrounded by can alter our sense of belonging, self-identity & self-belief. If it is negative we can react differently to those who seem to have only experiences of being loved, protected & valued.

We perform daily, put on costumes, hide behind masks, fearing that we don’t belong. Constantly in a state of flux.”