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Who we are:

ISLAND Arts Centre is a Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council Facility. It is operated by the Council’s Arts Service, which is part of the Cultural & Communities Services Unit in the Department of Leisure & Community Well-being. Please note the ISLAND Hall is managed by the Council’s Facilities Management team, which is a part of the Department of Finance and Corporate Services.

Terms & Conditions of Booking Tickets at ISLAND Arts Centre:

We are delighted to welcome our valued visitors back to ISLAND Arts Centre. However, we are mindful that we need to remain careful, cautious and vigilant in terms of the ongoing pandemic.

The health and safety of all our customers and visitors remain our priority and in line with NI Executive regulations the Arts Service Team has undertaken comprehensive risk assessments in order to mitigate against the transmission of COVID-19.

Our team has completed thorough COVID-19 workplace training to ensure your experience is both safe and enjoyable.  To enable us to do this we please ask that you follow these guidelines:

• If you are feeling unwell please do not visit our venue • Self-isolate and do not visit our venue if you have been identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19 unless you are fully vaccinated (seek a PCR test on day 2 and day 8) • Wear a face covering (unless medically exempt) throughout the venue • Wash your hands regularly and/or use the hand sanitizing stations situated around the venue • Follow social distancing guidelines (1m social distancing) and all directional signage

Proof of COVID-19 Status/ COVID-19 Passports

In line with current NI Executive guidance, Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council requests anyone attending ISLAND Arts Centre to provide one of the following on arrival at the venue:

OPTION 1: Proof of valid vaccination.

HOW: Vaccination card or COVID-19 Passport (that they have completed a course of the vaccine at least 14 days before the time of either the event and/or entry to the venue);

OPTION 2: Proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test within a suitable time period.

HOW: Carry out a Lateral Flow Test at home and register the result through the NHS website. This will result in receipt of an email and text. This email or text can then be accepted as proof of a negative test. The test must be taken within 48 hours before the time of either the event and/or entry to the venue.

OPTION 3: Proof of having had COVID-19 within a certain time period.

HOW: a valid notification of a positive result of a PCR test taken no earlier than 30 days, and no later than 180 days, before the time of either the event and/or entry to the venue.

NOTE: in the case of this option the individual will have to provide the following additional evidence:

-       That the test result is from the person who is claiming it is;

-       That person’s age or date of birth;

-       The result of the test sample which, is positive for coronavirus;

-       The date on which the test sample was tested by the test provider;

-       Statement that the test was a COVID-19 PCR test.

OPTION 4: Participation in a clinical vaccination trial for Coronavirus.

HOW: Confirmation in writing of their participation (current or past) in a clinical trial for vaccination against coronavirus from the organiser of that trial.

OPTION 5: Proof of medical exemption from vaccination.

HOW: evidence provided through the Northern Ireland COVID-19 Certification process for a medical exemption or an equivalent process in the person’s place of residence (if not a resident in Northern Ireland) of a clinical reason for not being vaccinated with any authorised vaccine

NOTE: For all of the above options (with the exception of the digital COVID-19 Passport App) the qualifying individuals must also provide a document that confirms their identity and contains a photograph. This would include a passport, a driving licence, an official work-pass (provided it has a photograph), a firearms certificate, or any other formal document that contains a person’s name and a photograph of that named person.

Please note: If a patron arrives without the required COVID-19 Certification, they cannot attend ISLAND Arts Centre and will be refused entry.

Rapid COVID-19 tests can be obtained online, free of charge. Order tests on the website<>

Social Distancing and Directional Signage

One metre social distancing measures will remain within the Arts Centre. Our computerized box office ticketing system will automatically leave one meter distancing between bookings.

A perspex screen has been installed at our reception.

Please ensure you maintain one-metre social distancing in all communal areas.

Floor and wall signage has been installed throughout our venue advising on directional routes, social distancing, face covering, hand hygiene and general COVID-19 messaging.  We ask that you follow all instructions as detailed.

Face Coverings

In line with NI Executive regulations, it is mandatory to wear a face-covering from age 13+ while indoors.  You may remove your face covering when seated or while eating and drinking.

Scanning of tickets

We have introduced contactless scanning of tickets to reduce touchpoints and physical interactions. On arrival, please have the barcode on your phone or ticket ready to be scanned.

If you are unable to access your e-ticket please email our Box Office: or

Contact Tracing

For Track and Trace and in line with PHA requirements your contact details will be retained for 21 days and destroyed after this date.

We encourage all visitors to download the StopCOVID NI app.

If a member of your group displays COVID-19 symptoms whilst at the venue please contact a member of staff in order that we can assist with isolation and track and trace procedures.

Hand Sanitising Stations

Hand sanitising facilities have been provided at entry points and throughout the venue.

Enhanced Cleaning

We provide an enhanced cleaning service throughout the venue and focus on areas with high touchpoints.

We remind all visitors of the importance of washing your hands with soap and water when you can - this is the most effective way of cleaning your hands.

Toilet Facilities

Toilet facilities are located on each floor of the venue and will be cleaned regularly as part of our enhanced cleaning procedures.  Capacity limits will be in place with signage advising of restrictions.


The Arts Centre uses 100% fresh air, which is heated or cooled as required by the air handling units to a temperature calculated and controlled by the building management system. There is no recirculated air used within the ventilation systems. This is in line with current Government recommendations around ventilation.

Windows and doors will also be opened where possible to provide additional natural ventilation.

We’re Good To Go

The Arts Centre has been awarded the UK industry standard “We’re Good To Go” accreditation that demonstrates our commitment to implementing government and public health COVID-19 Guidelines especially in maintaining cleanliness and aiding social distancing.

Our safety measures remain under constant review and will be adjusted in line with the latest guidance.

Please note that our Terms & Conditions are subject to regular updates, so please continue to check our website at for these updates or contact us at